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Seven Times to Leave by Jeannette Angell

The poems in Seven Times to Leave lead us through the wreckage of surviving domestic violence, detailing a path from the first suspicion that a relationship may be changing, through the terror and stripping of self-esteem, and on to the shadows the trauma leaves on the body and soul.

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Murder Most Academic by Alicia Stone

Trinity Pierce has a past. These days she is a history professor; but until two years ago she was financing her graduate school education and her mother’s residence in an expensive psychiatric hospital with regular work as a high-class call girl. Trinity is contacted by Kate Kazanjian, her former madam. One of her clients is being blackmailed and she needs help figuring out what’s going.

And so begins an odd moonlighting occupation for Trinity, who finds that she has a real knack for sleuthing and a desire to make things right.

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The Crown and the Kingdom by Jeannette Angell

It was a time to play with power, to determine who should rule the world: king, pope, or wizard. It was a time for princesses to fall in love rashly and to marry wisely, and for fortunes to be made and reputations to be ruined.

It was 1300.

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Jeannette De BeauvoirWelcome to Jeannette de Beauvoir’s website

Jeannette de Beauvoir is an award-winning author, novelist, and poet whose work has been translated into 12 languages and has appeared in 15 countries. She explores personal and moral questions through historical fiction, mysteries, and mainstream fiction … while keeping in mind that “if you can write the stories for a society, it doesn’t matter who writes the laws.”

Home is an old sea captain’s house on the tip of Cape Cod, although she spends some part of every year in Montréal, Great Britain and … just traveling. “Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” (Miriam Beard)

Jeannette de Beauvoir is represented by the Philip G. Spitzer Literary Agency.